Professional services

SPLD services are studied and supplied starting from the analysis of the requests and expectations of the client with whom the company establishes a transparent relationship in order to share the whole working process.

SPLD plans its interventions always fighting visual and light pollution and trying to have the minimum environmental impact possible, without altering the background of its works.

The company proposes always different and customized solutions according to the preferences and needs of the customer.

Consultancy, design and work management of lighting systems

The company is able to meet the client’s requirements along all the stages of the lighting design, from consultancy, after a meticulous information gathering, to the true and proper drawing up of the project and the work management through site survey, supervision and testing in the final stage.

Design, work management and programming of lighting management and control systems

SPLD offers the LM&CS (Lighting Management & Control System) service with the purpose of joining aesthetics and energy-saving: through this system it is actually possible to control lighting according to the needs or the hours of the day, always creating different scenarios, in line with the principle of dynamism of the architectural space and eco-friendliness.

Conferences, seminars, debate-meetings on light

SPLD makes available the knowledge of the worldwide renowned Lighting Designer Stefano Dall’Osso during events, conferences, seminars and debate-meetings in order to promote and spread a real and proper culture of light, a new philosophy of thought in this field.

Industrial product design

The SPLD team – under the guide of Stefano Dall’Osso – is able to design new products in line with the latest trends of the lighting market, proposing cutting-edge technologies and innovative aesthetics in order to surprise the eye of the beholder.

Training courses on light

Thanks to the full-fledged experience of the team leader, Stefano Dall’Osso, in the professional and academic field, SPLD offers high-level training courses for those who work in the lighting market.